Thursday, May 28, 2020

May 28, 2020

Famine risk for millions in second locust wave
A second wave of desert locusts in Africa and Asia is threatening famine for millions as critical resources are directed towards the COVID-19 crisis, scientists warn. … without action the locust population “could grow 400 times larger by June 2020 and spread to new areas, disrupting food supply, upending livelihoods and requiring substantial resources to address”, the World Bank says.
Drought prompts $5.6 billion FMD drawdown to supplement cash flow
“FMDs are designed to allow producers to set aside pre-tax income in the good years, which is then available as a cash flow management tool for lower production years,” Mr Horne said. “The continued drawdown and generally flat deposits in NSW reflect the prolonged periods of drought there, while a marginal winter cropping season in WA allowed continued deposits by producers.
Centre steps in after locust attack spreads to 5 states, swarm splits into two: Latest updates
Five states – Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh – are affected by the swarms moving at great speed.
In Maharashtra, officials reported that the swarm split into two groups after pesticide was sprayed between Monday night and Tuesday morning. One group is moving towards Parseoni in Nagpur while the other entered Bhandara, said officials.
Pompeo says Hong Kong is no longer autonomous from China
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has notified Congress that the Trump administration no longer regards Hong Kong as autonomous from mainland China, setting the stage for U.S. to withdraw the former British colony’s preferential trade and financial status it has enjoyed since it reverted to Chinese rule 23 years ago.
Emergency UN/WHO Funding For Palestinians Ends Up With Terrorist Group
A report by NGO Monitor revealed that emergency COVID-19 funding provided by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the UN body that responds to natural disasters, and the UN’s World Health Organization (WHO) went to organizations that have ties to the People’s Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a group that is classified as a terrorist organization in Israel, the EU, US, and Canada.
US to Iran: Negotiate or manage economic collapse caused by sanctions
U.S. President Donald Trump’s “maximum pressure” policy is giving Iran a choice between negotiating with the United States or managing the economic collapse caused by U.S. sanctions, U.S. Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook said on Wednesday. “Because of our pressure, Iran’s leaders are facing a decision: Either negotiate with us or manage economic collapse,” Hook told reporters during a conference call.
World War 3 alarm as Russia builds hypersonic weapon-capable stealth bomber to take on US
VLADIMIR Putin has thrown down the gauntlet to US President Donald Trump after Russia began construction of a hi-tech stealth bomber, armed with hypersonic weapons, which will rival the US-built B-2.
Senate Passes Bill To Boot Rogue Chinese Companies from US Stock Exchange
The U.S. Senate is sending a message to China: Either play by the rules or you’ll be asked to leave — in this case, the stock market. Last week, the Senate, in a bipartisan effort, passed the Holding Foreign Companies Accountable Act, which would require companies on the U.S. exchanges to certify that they are not under the control of a foreign government.
Bill Clinton Denied Going to Epstein’s Island, Now a Witness Says Otherwise
Clinton claims he wasn’t friends with the convicted sex offender and alleged child sex trafficker. Yet again, however, Clinton is being linked more closely with Epstein. This time, a witness says he saw the former president on Epstein’s private island in the Caribbean, a locale that’s taken on the ugly nickname of “Orgy Island.”
Tropical Storm Bertha makes landfall in South Carolina as 2020′s second pre-season storm 
2020’s second tropical storm formed and made landfall in just a few hours — and the hurricane season hasn’t even started yet. The National Hurricane Center announced on Wednesday morning that Tropical Storm Bertha formed off the coast of South Carolina. Bertha then made landfall about 8:30 a.m. CDT near Mount Pleasant, S.C., with 50 mph winds.
Israeli cyber czar warns of more attacks from Iran
A cyber winter is coming and it will be faster than suspected, Israel’s cyber czar warned on Wednesday, a week after Iran tried hacking Israel’s water system. In a recorded speech for a Cybertech conference event slated for Thursday and obtained by The Jerusalem Post, National Cyber Directorate chief Yigal Unna provided striking new details about the Islamic Republic’s hack and how Israel blocked it.
PLO declares agreements with Israel have ended
Palestinian officials said on Wednesday they are planning to step up their efforts to thwart Israel’s intention to apply sovereignty to parts of the West Bank, now that the Palestinians have “successfully” prevented the spread of the coronavirus. Some officials expressed hope massive international pressure would force Israel to backtrack on its “unilateral” move.
2nd Night Of Minneapolis George Floyd Protests Marked By Looting, Tear Gas, Fires
Tear gas, flames and smoke filled the streets surrounding the Minneapolis Police 3rd Precinct Wednesday evening, as officers tried to get people to leave the area in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death. Late Wednesday night, protesters set several fires, including inside of an AutoZone store by the precinct building, located near the intersection of Lake Street and Hiawatha Avenue.
Fed finds new challenge for the economy: Workers who don’t want to come back to their jobs
Mass unemployment that has accompanied the coronavirus pandemic has been compounded by people who don’t want to come back to work, the Federal Reserve said Wednesday in its periodic summary of the national economy. With the unemployment rate through April at… 14.7% and 20.5 million layoffs during the month, workers are reluctant to head back to their jobs for a number of reasons…
Salaries Get Chopped for Many Americans Who Manage to Keep Jobs
The hard numbers won’t be in for months, but anecdotal evidence is piling up. On earnings calls, big businesses including The Container Store Group and Lyft have cited what they say are temporary salary reductions. Federal Reserve officials also have found plenty of supporting evidence…Pay cuts for Americans who’ve managed to hold onto their jobs may hobble the return to normal.
Anti-Semitic crime in Germany hits highest level in nearly two decades
Germany’s interior secretary on Wednesday said anti-Semitic crimes in the country are increasing and reached their highest levels in 2019 since the country began recording them in 2001. Interior Minister Horst Seehofer called the rise in anti-Semitic crimes a “great concern,”…Data collected by the government shows that politically-motivated crimes overall were up 14.2 percent last year compared to data from 2018…
ICC asks PA to clarify if Oslo Accords still binding, after Abbas statement terminating agreements
A three-judge panel that comprises the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) pretrial chamber has requested clarification from the Palestinian Authority (PA) over President Mahmoud Abbas’ statement regarding the termination of all agreements with Israel. The justices are attempting to find out whether Abbas’ remarks apply to the Oslo Accords – signed in 1993 and 1995 – which helped establish the Palestinian Authority as an entity.
These FBI Docs Put Barack Obama In The Middle Of The ‘Obamagate’ Narrative
…agents fretted sharing Flynn intel with departing Obama White House would become fodder for ‘partisan axes to grind.’
Texas Supreme Court: Lack of immunity to COVID-19 alone not enough to vote by mail
The Texas Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled that lack of immunity to COVID-19 alone is not a physical disability that qualifies people to vote by mail.
Record heavy rains trigger severe flooding in Florida, U.S.
Persistent heavy rains over the weekend triggered severe flooding in parts of Florida, with a total of 185.4 mm (7.3 inches) recorded in Miami over a 48-hour period to Monday, May 25– the city’s heaviest two-day rainfall since 2012. Another bout of intense downpour hit the city on Tuesday evening, May 26, leaving many areas underwater. At 12:30 UTC on Wednesday, May 27, the disturbance that brought heavy rains organized into Tropical Storm “Bertha” — the second named storm of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season.
Rightly Dividing The Scriptures On Church Age Salvation Prevents False Conversion From Evangelical ‘Easy Believism’
Our apostle Paul warns us that in the last days, there will be a dearth of preaching on bible doctrine, and because of that, Christians in the Body of Christ will be woefully ignorant on important, need to know doctrines like salvation. And because we are in the Laodicean Church age, there have been decades of gospel compromisers to such a point that ‘easy believism’ is rampant.
Christian Rock Frontman, Jon Steingard Of Hawk Nelson, Comes Out And Says He ‘No Longer Believes In God’ Showing Perils Of Easy Believism
Today’s story shows the terrible damage that can be caused by telling someone who ‘said the Sinner’s Prayer’ that they just became saved, because guess what? The ‘sinner’s prayer’ saves no one, never did and never will. It is the shed blood of Jesus Christ, that made a payment for your sins on the cross at Calvary, that when you receive it by faith pays your sin debt to God. Sinners need a Saviour, and what are we saved from? From having to go the Hell for eternity, that’s exactly what salvation is.
Social Confinement With Mandatory Masking Continues As New World Order Rising
The mandatory masks serve as a physical and ever-present reminder that they are in control, and that we are powerless. This social conditioning is so powerful that I see people everyday driving alone in their cars, windows up, and wearing a mask. That is lunacy, that is insanity. If you are healthy and you are doing that, you are endangering your own health. Stop that immediately.
Mandatory Masks Have Very Little To Do With Safety And Everything To Do With Social Control To Keep Us In A Constant State Of ConfinementI believe in practicing excellent hygiene and social skills, my parents taught me that years ago, and it is something I have always done. I wash my hands everytime I go to the bathroom after I have touched things, and I proactively wash my hands before touching things in the kitchen. My kids will be happy to tell you I am a freak about hand washing, and have made sure that they are as well. That said, it is sick people that should be placed in isolation, not healthy people. It is sick people that should be wearing masks, not those who are not sick. So what’s the agenda here?
Chicago Police Bang On Church Doors To Stop Services, Film Everyone Who Arrived
The pastor of a Chicago church said multiple police cars and a government representative showed up at his church on Sunday demanding services end.
‘Not A Global Police Force’: Pentagon To Brief Trump On Afghan Exit Before Election Timetable
Pentagon believes “such a timeline may be Mr. Trump’s preferred option because it may help bolster his campaign,” reports NY Times.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

May 27, 2020

President Trump Opens US Churches
“Some governors have deemed the liquor stores and abortion clinics as essential. But have left out churches and other houses of worship. It’s not right. So I’m correcting this injustice and calling houses of worship essential.” -President Donald Trump
China to deploy 2 aircraft carriers after ‘brink of Cold War’ with US warning
Two Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) aircraft carriers are preparing to conduct a set of provocative war games in the contested South China Sea, near the Taiwan-claimed Pratas Islands, also known as the Dongsha Islands.
Navy ship shoots down drone with its laser beam
It doesn’t get much more futuristic than a Navy ship downing a drone with a weaponized laser. Grainy video released by the United States Naval Institute Friday appears to show the USS Portland taking aim at an aerial drone, then unleashing its laser beam and blowing the aircraft out of the sky over Pearl Harbor.
For First Time: Disney Introduces Openly Gay Main Character
Disney has released its first-ever film with an openly gay main character. The short, entitled “Out”, was introduced through Disney Plus’s SparkShorts series on Friday. Disney seems to be progressing towards making homosexuality mainstream among children. Back in March, Pixar’s Onward was the first feature film to include a gay character playing Lena Waithe’s cyclops cop Officer Spector.
Erdogan: Temple Mount is a “Red Line for all Muslims”
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said in a video message posted on social media on Monday that “we will not allow Palestinian lands to be offered to anyone.”In the video, which was addressed to American Muslims in honor of the Eid al-Fitr holiday marking the end of Ramadan, Erdoğan said that the Temple Mount in Jerusalem was a “red line” for all Muslims. “I would like to reiterate that al Quds as-Sharif [the Temple Mount], the holy place of the three religions … is a red line for all Muslims in the world,” he said.
The Galaxy’s Black Hole is Mysteriously Flashing Starlight
The enormous black hole at the center of our galaxy is acting in an increasingly unusual manner, making stars dance around it and blinking in our direction. One rabbi noted that in their quest for answers to the mysteries of the stars, scientists are finally coming closer to what is explicitly written in the Bible. In a span of just two hours, the black hole became 75 times brighter in the near-infrared band of the light spectrum.
US B-1B bombers just flew over the South China Sea
Two U.S. Air Force B-1B bombers conducted another flyover in the South China Sea on Tuesday, marking a new increase in flyovers in the region after the bombers deployed to Guam on May 1. The two bombers were based at Dyess Air Force Base in Texas, and supported a Bomber Task Force mission “showcasing their ability to fly, sail, & operate anywhere international law allows, at the time and tempo of our choosing,” according to the Pacific Air Forces.
EU civil war erupts: States furious as Barnier poised to surrender to UK on Brexit deal
He is said to have identified a potential compromise offer that would enable him to move closer to Boris Johnson’s demand to become an independent coastal nation and unlock the deadlocked negotiations. One EU diplomat said: “Our opening line of keeping the current terms is impossible to uphold.“That is clearly unattainable so we’d be looking to some narrowing of the positions.”
49 Shot in Chicago Over Memorial Day Weekend
“The violence throughout the city on Memorial Day weekend was nothing short of alarming,” said Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown on Tuesday. One man, Tobias O’Neal, 41, was found near midnight Friday on the sidewalk on Chicago’s South Side “with gunshot wounds throughout his body,” reported ABC 7.
House Republicans to sue Pelosi over remote proxy voting in pandemic
U.S. House of Representatives Republicans will sue Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi over rule changes that allow members to vote on each other’s behalf during the coronavirus pandemic, Republican aides said on Tuesday. The lawsuit, to be filed in federal court in Washington, will seek to block the new system passed by the Democratic-majority House and intended to allow the chamber to function while observing social distancing guidelines. It will argue that the rule changes are unconstitutional, the Republican aides said.
Russia’s MiG diplomacy: US, Turkey, Russia, Egypt square off over Libya
Russia deployed MiG-29s and other aircraft to Libya in what appeared to be throwing down a gauntlet to Turkey and other countries that might think Moscow is ending its support for the eastern Libyan government of Khalifa Haftar. It is a big play for Russia, doing it in broad daylight to show off after around ten Russian Pantsir air defense systems were reportedly destroyed by Turkish drones in Libya.
Government decides on guidelines for Ethiopian aliyah
Over the past few months, political and educational leaders have been working with rabbis and Ethiopian religious leaders to put together the nation’s first set of guidelines to solve the painful question of bringing the families of Ethiopian immigrants to Israel.
How globalism went from Right to Left
This is another question being debated in the tug-of-war between “right” and “left.” Theoretically, the Left is supposed to adhere to the idea of national solidarity, that is the tradition in Israel, and not only here. But the “progressive Left” has recently come to be identified with globalization. It supports increased free trade, the movement of assets, and an international supply and manufacturing chain. It is in favor of free immigration and the creation of a global employment market. It also prefers moves toward global control at the expense of democratic-national sovereignty.
Mayor of Town near Bethlehem Connects Trump’s Peace Plan to Messiah
Efrat mayor Oded Revivi spoke with Israel365’s Rabbi Tuly Weisz on the topic of annexation and it’s demographic, economic and spiritual implications. Efrat is a Jewish Israeli town adjacent to Bethlehem in Israel’s Judean region. And although Trump’s Deal of the Century has been heavily criticized by many settler leaders for enabling a potential Palestinian state, Revivi claims to take a more practical approach saying that Israel should take what it can get now while the Jewish state still has a friend in the White House.
Russia’s MiG diplomacy: US, Turkey, Russia, Egypt square off over Libya
Russia has deployed MiG-29s and other aircraft to Libya in what appeared to be the throwing down of a gauntlet to Turkey and other countries that might think Moscow is ending its support for the eastern Libyan government of Khalifa Haftar. It is a big play for Russia, doing it in broad daylight to show off, after around ten Russian Pantsir air defense systems were reportedly destroyed by Turkish drones in Libya.
Russian pilots intercept US Navy aircraft for 3rd time in 2 months
Russian pilots intercepted a US Navy aircraft in an “unsafe and unprofessional manner” on Tuesday – for the third time within two months – the US Naval Forces Sixth Fleet has claimed. Two Russian Sukhoi Su-35 fighter planes intercepted a US Navy P-8A Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft of the Sixth Fleet for a period of a little over an hour.
Trump: US to take action against China over Hong Kong this week
U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday the United States was working on a strong response to China’s planned national security legislation for Hong Kong and it would be announced before the end of the week. China’s parliament is expected to approve a proposed security law that would reduce Hong Kong’s separate legal status on Thursday, calling into question the special economic status the territory currently enjoys under U.S. law.
Chinese Embassy in France tweets anti-US, anti-Israel imagery in error
The Chinese Embassy in France tweeted an anti-US, anti-Israel cartoon depicting the grim reaper, donned in an American flag cloak holding a scythe with the blade being the Israeli flag, according to multiple media sources. In the photo, the grim reaper is shown knocking on Hong Kong’s door after exiting the rooms of Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine and Venezuela – leaving a trail of blood lining the floor in its wake.
The Mysterious Anomaly Weakening Earth’s Magnetic Field Seems to Be Splitting
New satellite data from the European Space Agency (ESA) reveal that the mysterious anomaly weakening Earth’s magnetic field continues to evolve, with the most recent observations showing we could soon be dealing with more than one of these strange phenomena. The South Atlantic Anomaly is a vast expanse of reduced magnetic intensity in Earth’s magnetic field, extending all the way from South America to southwest Africa.
COVI-PASS: UK Introduces ‘Digital Health Passport’ To Monitor Travel, Health Of Population
The UK government is preparing to rollout a new “digital health passport” to monitor nearly every aspect of citizens’ lives in the name of strengthening public health management. British cybersecurity firm VST Enterprises…developed an application called “COVI-PASS” to track “your Covid-19 test history and immunoresponse and other relevant health information” using a proprietary matrix code called a “VCode.”
India heatwave: Delhi temperature hits 47C as north India reels
The Indian capital, Delhi, saw temperatures rise to 47.6C on Tuesday, as most of north India faced severe heatwave conditions. The heatwave, which officials say is likely to last until the weekend, comes even as the region struggles with rising Covid-19 infections and swarms of locusts that are ravaging crops. Churu in Rajasthan state recorded a temperature of 50C – India’s highest.
Hong Kong police arrest 300 as thousands protest over security laws
Police in Hong Kong fired pepper pellets and made 300 arrests as thousands of people took to the streets on Wednesday to voice anger over national security legislation proposed by China, that has raised international alarm over freedoms in the city. In the heart of the financial district, riot police fired pepper pellets to disperse a crowd, and elsewhere in the city police rounded up groups of dozens of suspected protesters…
House Republicans to sue Pelosi over remote proxy voting in pandemic
U.S. House of Representatives Republicans will sue Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi over rule changes that allow members to vote on each other’s behalf during the coronavirus pandemic… The lawsuit, to be filed in federal court in Washington, will seek to block the new system passed by the Democratic-majority House and intended to allow the chamber to function while observing social distancing guidelines.
Iran’s president approves ban on use of all Israeli products
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday approved the order banning the use of any Israeli products in the country. The move comes after the Iranian parliament voted in favor of a legislation prohibiting the use of Israeli-made goods last week. The ban includes technology, such as computer hardware and software, and was passed unanimously by Iranian lawmakers last week, Fars News Agency reported.
Israeli jets violate Lebanon’s airspace
Israeli fighter planes have violated Lebanese airspace carrying out a number of flights in the past week over different parts of the country, state news agency NNA reported, citing the Lebanese army. Various Israeli military aircrafts were reported over the town of Kafr Shuba on Tuesday, and then flying over the western Bekaa regions and the south.
Coronavirus Uses Same Strategy As HIV To Evade, Cripple Immune System: Chinese Study Finds
The discovery came after autopsies in China found immune system destruction similar to that caused by AIDS.
Obama, Clinton 9th Circuit Judges Suspend Bill of Rights Until Coronavirus is Cured
The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday ruled that Democratic California Gavin Newsom’s ban on in-person church services during the coronavirus pandemic can stand.
Turkey’s eastern provinces hit by disruptive snowstorm and strong winds
A cold front accompanied by snow and strong winds caused disruptions to Turkey’s eastern provinces beginning Sunday, May 24, 2020. The storm led to extensive damage to properties, power blackouts, traffic interruptions, and at least one person dead.
Shock Video Of Bill Gates Laughing While Saying ‘We Take GMO Organisms & Shoot Them Right Into Little Kids Veins’ In Brussels Interview In 2015
Over the years we have shown you the level of utter depravity that New World Order global elite Bill Gates operates on, and over the past few months in particular we have exposed his plan to inject every human on earth with a vaccine and a digital identification from ID2020. As if all that wasn’t bad enough, today we bing you just a short little video clip from an interview Bill and Melinda gave in Brussels back in 2015. It will confirm your very worst fears about who Bill Gates really and truly is.
United Nations New World Order Economic Paradigm Project Creates ‘International Day Of Happiness’ Calls For ‘Global Citizens’ To Celebrate
It really doesn’t get much weirder or more end times than this story today, you really can’t make this stuff up. But several sharp-eyed NTEB readers wrote to us today asking if we had heard of something called the United Nations New World Order website. We had not, but imagine my shock and surprise when upon investigating it turned out to be real, and not only that, far exceeded my expectations of end times intrigue and shenanigans. Welcome to the UN New World Order Project promoting something called the International Day of Happiness.
COVI-PASS Digital Health Passport Certified By The United Nations Uses Your Biometric Markers To ‘Facilitate Safe Return’ To Global SocietyYesterday on our weekly Prophecy News Podcast, we talked about Phase II of the COVID-19 plannedemic, and what it would look like. Today I want to show you visually what Phase II will look like. It is important to remember that as the COVID-19 lockdown is lifting, the real lockdown is coming. Remember how Bill Gates famously warned that the ‘war of the future’ would involve ‘not missiles but microbes‘? Meet COVI-PASS, your digital health passport that uses biometric markers to allow you to reintegrate with society.
China’s coronavirus campaign offers glimpse into surveillance systemThe coronavirus outbreak in China has given unprecedented glimpses into how an extensive system of surveillance cameras works, as monitoring stations are rebranded epidemic “war rooms” helping to check people’s movements and stifle the disease.
Total Chaos: Chicago Sees Deadliest Memorial Day Weekend In Years Despite Stay-At-Home Orders
10 dead out of nearly 50 shot over long warm weather holiday weekend…

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

May 26, 2020

Minnesota Congressional Candidate Is Tired Of Liberals Telling Black People How To Vote
“According to Joe Biden, if you don’t support his agenda ‘then you ain’t black.’ Well Joe, I’m black, Republican, and am tired of liberals like you telling me who to vote for,” says Qualls, a Minnesota Congressional candidate.
U.S. Warns Of Russian Arctic Military Buildup: “Who puts missiles on icebreakers?”
The United States continues to express growing concern about Russian and Chinese activities in the Arctic. “You would be alarmed at the amount of Chinese activity off the coast of Norway,” explains a U.S. official.
CDC Confirms Remarkably Low Death Rate – Media Chooses To Ignore COVID-19 Realities
The CDC just came out with a report that should be earth-shattering to the narrative of the political class, yet it will go into the thick pile of vital data and information about the virus that is not getting out to the public. For the first time, the CDC has attempted to offer a real estimate of the overall death rate for COVID-19, and under its most likely scenario, the number is 0.26%. Officials estimate a 0.4% fatality rate among those who are symptomatic and project a 35% rate of asymptomatic cases among those infected, which drops the overall infection fatality rate (IFR) to just 0.26% – almost exactly where Stanford researchers pegged it a month ago.
Texas Storm Brings Enormous Hail
A severe storm in Burkburnett, Texas, brought hail bigger than a softball to some spots as well as some reported tornadoes. (video)
U.S Buys 300 Million Covid Vaccines from Gates-Affiliated Drug Maker
Washington has purchased nearly a third of the initial one billion doses of AstraZeneca’s experimental coronavirus vaccine. AstraZeneca is collaborating with Microsoft, to launch an artificial intelligence (AI) ‘Factory for Health’. One of the startups in the ‘factory’ is Kap Code. The tech company created a tool based on a method of hypnosis called Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). The start-up scans social media posts and uses that data to better understand patient experiences. Microsoft was founded by Gates. He is now among the company’s top shareholders. Jean-Philippe Courtois is the President of Microsoft Global Sales and used to to be on AstraZeneca’s board.
Chinese Soldiers Cross Into India as Standoff Ensues
“Chinese had managed to come well inside the Indian territory and are also conducting aggressive patrols with motor boats in the Pangong lake,” Indian broadcaster NDTV reported. “The Chinese troops crossed 3 km into what India perceives to be its territory South East of the Galwan Valley in eastern Ladakh,” according to Indian news website The Print.
Software Developers Tear Apart Infamous Model That Started Lockdowns
If you don’t know what the Imperial College model is, you probably know the number: 2.2 million deaths. That’s what the mathematical model from the U.K. university predicted the United States would face if politicians and people did absolutely nothing differently. That was never true, of course. Now, computer programmers say that the Imperial College model may not have been true in the first place, even if no lockdowns were ever put into place.
Dan Bongino: 2 prosecutions will come out of Obamagate
The first, he said, was the FBI lawyer who put together a warrant application the bureau sought from the secret court established by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to put Trump campaign aide Carter Page under surveillance. The second was the government source that leaked the contents of a Dec. 29, 2016, conversation between Michael Flynn, Trump’s then-incoming national security advisor, and Sergey Kislyak, then the Russian ambassador to the United States.
Islamic State bombs disguised as video game controllers uncovered in Iraq
Islamic State scattered video game controllers set to explode at the push of a button in Yazidi homes as they were expelled from Iraq, a new film about the persecuted group’s brave minesweepers has revealed. A photograph seen by the Telegraph shows a controller that, had it been picked up by a child and played with, would have detonated four bombs and destroyed the house where it was found, in northern Iraq.
US to UN: Stop Using COVID-19 As Excuse to Push Abortion
John Barsa, the acting administrator for the US agency for international development (USAid), sent a letter to the UN secretary-general António Guterres, criticizing the UN’s decision to include abortion as an “essential service” during the pandemic.
US Space Force Rushes To Stop A ‘Space Pearl Harbor’
When the first Star Wars movie was released back in the late 70’s, audiences imagined intergalactic battles taking place at a time far in the future – possibly a full century into the future. No one could have predicted technology would improve at such an incredible rate in the decades to follow that we would now have our own U.S. Space Force or USSF. The USSF is the first new military service since the U.S. Air Force was established in 1947.
Israel rejects Chinese bid to build Sorek 2 amid pressure from the US
Israel chose local company IDE technologies to construct the world’s largest desalination plant, the government announced on Tuesday, rather than a Chinese company, thus preventing another undesirable showdown with the Trump administration over Chinese participation in major infrastructure projects. Three groups bid to build Sorek 2, a private-public partnership (PPP) which will be the world’s largest desalination plant…
Cyberattacks target Israeli labs working on coronavirus vaccine
As a cyberattack shut down hundreds of Israeli websites last week, research centers working on a vaccine for the novel coronavirus were also targeted by a cyberattack, Channel 12 reported. The attacks attempted and failed to damage the vaccine development process, but did not attempt to steal information. Cyberattacks have been reported on other vaccine research centers around the world, including in the US and England.
Incendiary balloons return, balloon units threaten more launches
At least three groups of incendiary and explosive balloons were launched from the Gaza Strip on Monday, announced the terror group Ahfad al-Nasser later in the day, warning that Israel had 72 hours to send medical supplies for the coronavirus outbreak into Gaza, or they would make the Gaza envelope “hell.”
The ‘Liberal Leaning’ Media Has Passed Its Tipping Point
About 35 years ago I was sitting at lunch next to Jeane Kirkpatrick, a onetime Democrat who became a foreign-policy adviser to President Reagan and later U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. She was lamenting what she called the “liberal leaning” media. As the president of CBS News, I assured her it was only a “liberal tilt” and could be corrected. “You don’t understand,“ she scolded. “It’s too late.” Kirkpatrick was prophetic.
China’s Plan to Make Permanent Health Tracking on Smartphones Stirs Concern
China created a smartphone tool to trace and track the movement of potential coronavirus patients. Now, plans to make that kind of health tracking permanent… Anger spread across Chinese social media sites over the weekend following an announcement that officials in the eastern city of Hangzhou could create a permanent version of a smartphone-based health-rating system developed to fight Covid-19.
Hundreds more Russian mercenaries flee western Libya: GNA forces
Hundreds of Russian military contractors in Libya were evacuated on Monday after retreating from fighting on the capital’s front lines, forces backing the unity government said. The claim comes after a series of setbacks for eastern-based military commander Khalifa Haftar’s year-long offensive to seize Tripoli from the UN-supported Government of National Accord (GNA).
Israeli leader vows to push ahead with annexing West Bank
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday pledged to annex parts of the occupied West Bank in the coming months, vowing to move ahead with the explosive plan despite a growing chorus of condemnations by key allies. The Palestinians, with wide international backing, seek the entire West Bank as the heartland of a future independent state.

Monday, May 25, 2020

May 25, 2020

EL AL plane lands in Turkey to collect coronavirus aid for US
For the first time in a decade, an EL AL flight has landed in Turkey to collect humanitarian aid to help the US to fight the coronavirus. The Dreamliner plane landed in Istanbul at 7.a.m and loaded around 24 tons of humanitarian aid and equipment to help the virus-stricken country. The US has so far recorded over 1.6 million coronavirus cases and suffered 97,426 deaths.
Iran celebrates tankers arriving in Venezuela amid US tensions
Iran celebrated the arrival of the first of five tankers arriving in Venezuela amid tensions with the US. Iran is supposedly under sanctions but it sent five tankers filled with gasoline to Venezuela to help bolster the regime of Nicolas Maduro. The US has sought to support the opposition leader and self-declared president Juan Guaido. Iran sending tankers to Venezuela was heralded as a great success by the Iranian government and media…
Quartet talks Israeli-Palestinian peace amid PA push to replace Trump plan
The Palestinian Authority’s push to replace the US as the sole broker for the Israeli-Palestinian peace process failed to yield immediate results as a Quartet video conference on the matter ended without any conclusions. Quartet representatives discussed Israeli plans to annex portions of the West Bank, including the July 1 deadline for Israel to begin to apply such sovereignty…
Hong Kong police fire tear gas as protesters decry China security law plan
Police in Hong Kong have fired tear gas and water cannon at protesters rallying against China’s plans to impose a new security law on the territory. Thousands of demonstrators have been marching through the city centre. Police say 120 have been arrested. Earlier, 200 senior politicians from around the world issued a joint statement criticising China’s plan.
Western Australia prepares for ‘once-in-a-decade’ storm
Australia’s western coast is being battered by a huge storm, which is heading for the main city of Perth. Torrential rains, strong winds and waves of up to eight metres (26ft) are forecast in some areas. The severe weather is the result of the remnants of tropical cyclone Mangga interacting with a cold front, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.
North Korea’s Kim, in first appearance in weeks, vows to bolster nuclear ‘deterrence’
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un hosted a meeting to discuss the country’s nuclear capabilities, state media said on Sunday, marking his first appearance in three weeks after a previous absence sparked global speculation about his health. Ruling Workers’ Party officials wore face masks to greet Kim as he entered the meeting of the party’s powerful Central Military Commission…
NOAA predicts above-normal 2020 Atlantic hurricane season
Federal forecasters have joined other scientists in predicting above normal activity during the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season that officially begins on June 1, but got an early start just a few days ago. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction Center, a division of the National Weather Service, predicts a 60 percent chance of an above-normal season,…
Democratic Senators And Biden Join In Denouncing Jewish Rights in Judea and Samaria Despite PA Renouncing Agreements
Nearly 20 Democratic senators have signed a letter cautioning about Israel extending sovereignty over parts of Judea and Samaria. The letter comes two days after Abbas ended all agreements with Israel and the US. giving responsibility for the Biblical heartland to Israel.
Hertz Files For Bankruptcy As Lockdowns Crush Rental Car Industry
What one world war, one Great Depression and numerous oil price shocks couldn’t do, the coronavirus did in less than three months and late on Friday, auto rental giant Hertz which was founded in 1918 when it set up shop with a dozen Ford Model Ts, quietly filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection struggling under a massive debt load after its business was brought to a grinding halt during the coronavirus pandemic …
First-Time Gun Buyers Explain How Coronavirus Changed Their Politics
Scott Kane went 38 years without ever touching a gun. That streak would have continued had it not been for the coronavirus. In March, fearful of the harassment his wife and child experienced over their Asian ancestry, Kane found himself in a California gun shop. His March 11 purchase of a 9mm would have been the end of the story, were it not for a political standoff over shutdown orders and background checks. Now Kane, a former supporter of gun-control measures and AR-15 bans, is frustrated by the arduous process that has denied his family a sense of security. The pandemic has made the soft-spoken software engineer an unlikely Second Amendment supporter. “I’m seriously thinking of running for office or something,” Kane said. “This state’s gun laws are insane.”
Trump administration considers conducting nuclear test
The Trump administration discussed last week whether to conduct its first nuclear test explosion since 1992, the Washington Post reported late on Friday, citing a senior official and two former officials familiar with the matter. The topic surfaced at a meeting of senior officials representing the top national security agencies after accusations from the administration that Russia and China are conducting low-yield nuclear tests, the Washington Post said.
CA Doctors Say They Have Seen More Suicide Deaths Than COVID Deaths During Lockdown
Two weeks to flatten the curve has turned into two months of oppressive lockdown policies which are themselves killing Americans. Americans did their part, but stalwart governments refuse to lessen or do away with draconian lockdown measures. In fact, the trauma department chief at John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, …told KGO-TV this week that during the lockdown, doctors at the facility have seen seen more deaths by suicide than from the coronavirus. “I mean we’ve seen a year’s worth of suicide attempts in the last four weeks.”
DOE says supercomputers handling COVID-19 data are hacker targets
Energy Department officials said they have noticed a spike in cyberattacks on national laboratories and that foreign nations are interested in U.S. coronavirus research. “We are seeing some increased activities around our national laboratories in particular, with regard to cyber activity. Slight increases in the number of hits that we see to our computing facilities there,” Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette said Thursday at a meeting with an advisory board.
Two People Killed by Falling Trees as Charlotte Pounded by Severe Storms
Powerful storms hammered the Charlotte area Friday afternoon, killing two people and leaving behind widespread tree and power line damage. Charlotte Fire officials said one person was killed and another suffered life threatening injuries when a tree fell on a home in south Charlotte Friday afternoon, WBTV reported.
Earth’s Magnetic Field Mysteriously Weakening In Specific Locations, Throwing Off Satellites And Spacecraft
Over the last two centuries, it has lost nearly 10% of its strength, leading some to speculate that a multi-century pole reversal has begun. What’s more, scientists have identified a large, localized region of weakness extending from Africa to South America, along with a second ‘center of minimum intensity’ southwest of Africa – both of which are allowing charged particles from the cosmos to penetrate lower altitudes of the atmosphere – throwing off satellites flying in low-Earth orbit, according to Sky.
‘No Question About It’ — Sen. Rick Scott Says U.S. in ‘Cold War 2’ with China
Friday on Hugh Hewitt’s nationally syndicated radio show, Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) said that given the circumstances of China’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic combined with the nation’s aggressive economic practices, the United States had entered a so-called “cold war” with China.
Ban on religious gatherings is unlawful, France’s top court rules
France’s supreme court for administrative justice has ruled that the government’s absolute ban on religious gatherings in hopes of stopping the spread of COVID-19 is unlawful and ordered the government to relax restrictions on religious worship.
Mysterious flying object lighting up sky in central Victoria believed to be space junk
Eagle-eyed Central Victorians were abuzz after a fireball moved across the night sky on Friday. Experts said the bright flying object was most likely a piece of space junk that was burning up after entering the Earth’s atmosphere. .
Arctic heatwave is breaking records, and it’s not even summer yet
A record-breaking heatwave has arrived in the Arctic this month, appearing unusually early and with shocking intensity. Forecasts show that temperatures will remain higher than average next week, and possibly for the rest of the year.
W.Va. secretary of state says task force uncovered absentee ballot fraud scheme
West Virginia’s secretary of state says they’re investigating an absentee ballot fraud scheme in the state that was connected to the state’s mass effort for absentee voting amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Divorce up by 1/3 in Italy as lockdown pushes couples to brinkTwo months of pent-up frustration and irritation during Italy’s lockdown have led to a dramatic rise in divorce proceedings, lawyers said.
COVID-1984: The Drones Were Ready For This Moment And History Will Record That Coronavirus Was Used To Launch Age Of Aerial Surveillance
Despite over 100 years of warning that drones and the robot age was coming, mankind seems wholly incapable from embracing a vision of society that does not include being subservient to digital masters. And just like the draconian fetters contained in the Patriot Act needed a ‘good crisis’ like 9/11 to attach itself to our daily life, so too did drones also need a ‘good crisis’ like the coronavirus to formally and officially gain a foothold. Welcome to COVID-1984, our ‘new normal’ way of life.
$21M Brooklyn field hospital shuts down: COVID-19 patients treatedA $21 million field hospital in Brooklyn, New York, built to deal exclusively with a predicted flood of COVID-19 patients, has been shut down.
Rush Limbaugh’s most popular guest host, Mark Steyn, calls masks and social distancing “Sharia-Lite” and says “we’re adopting ISIS/Taliban policies”
Mediaite Filling in for top talker Rush Limbaugh on Monday, guest host Mark Steyn said that the wearing of masks in public and limiting public musical performances show the United States is adopting a form of Sharia law during the pandemic response.
Ramadan: German church opens doors for Muslim prayers
A church in Berlin has opened its doors to Muslim worshippers unable to fit into their mosque under new social distancing rules.
Crayola Launches ‘Colors of the World’ Skin Tone Coloring Set
Crayola launched a new set of crayons on Thursday, ensuring that children of any color can represent themselves in their art.
Hertz Files For Bankruptcy After 16,000 Employees Were Let Go And CEO Made Over $9 Million
After 100 years in business, Hertz filed for bankruptcy on Friday, proving to be yet another Covid-19 casualty. The old-time entity now joins the likes of J.C. Penney, J. Crew, Neiman Marcus, Gold’s Gym, Pier 1 and the McClatchy newspaper chain—companies that have all sought bankruptcy protection in recent weeks.
In the coronavirus pandemic, cash is a scary concept“This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private.” That’s what it says right under “Federal Reserve Note” and “The United States of America.”
Millions of cicadas are expected to emerge after 17 years underground because, of course, it’s 2020
As if we didn’t have enough to worry about with giant murder hornets invading the US and a global pandemic, millions of 17-year cicadas will emerge from the ground this year. As many as 1.5 million cicadas per acre may emerge, and people living in Southwest Virginia, parts of North Carolina and West Virginia could witness this unique phenomenon, Virginia Tech says in a news release.