Sunday, July 8, 2018

July 8, 2018

38 dead, nearly 50 reported missing as heavy rain hits Japan
Torrents of rainfall and flooding battered a widespread area in southwestern Japan on Saturday, with local media casualty reports climbing quickly. Public broadcaster NHK said 38 people were dead, four were injured seriously and 47 were missing.
New minor earthquake felt around the Sea of Galilee
Measuring 3.4 on Richter scale, tremor is the latest in string of quakes to hit northern Israel this week
Africa’s record high temperature likely set as city in Algeria hits 124 degrees
The planet’s hottest continent probably just endured its hottest weather ever reliably measured.
Christian College Wins Legal Battle Against Obamacare Birth Control Mandate
A federal court has granted a Christian liberal arts college in Pennsylvania a permanent injunction against the Obama-era abortion pill mandate that required the school to be complicit in providing health care coverage that violated its religious convictions.
Philippines’ Duterte vows to resign if anybody can prove God exists
The Philippine president, who recently sparked outrage for calling God stupid, has courted new controversy in his largely Roman Catholic country by saying he will resign if anybody can prove that God exists.
Democrats now party of child trafficking and slavery as left-wing mob protests arrests of child traffickers
It’s come to this in today’s Democratic Party: Supporters who knowingly back the protection of child sex traffickers as long as they are in our country illegally and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency is involved in any way.
Director, Actors and Crew Members Quit  ‘Roe v. Wade’ Film After Finding Out it Isn’t Pro-Abortion
The production team behind the upcoming movie ‘Roe v. Wade’ are facing an uphill battle as crew members, actors, locations and even the director have backed out when they realized it isn’t going to be pro-abortion.
10,000 Children Missing from UK Government Care Amid Child Trafficking Epidemic
More than 10,000 children have mysteriously disappeared from government care last year as the child trafficking epidemic for elite pedophile rings in the UK becomes more obvious.
PROPHECY WARNING: Expert geologist says that a massive earthquake in Israel is not a matter of if, but when
Geologist Dr. Ariel Heiman says the earthquakes felt in recent days should not worry Israelis any more than they did in the past.
UN Official Calls For ‘Ark’ To Save World From ‘Global Warming’
A United Nations official is calling for an “ark” to save the world from global warming.
Founder Of Movement For Disillusioned Democrats Refused Service At New York Electronics Store
…and he said: “Are you planning to use this equipment for alt-right purposes?”
Thousands of Syrians returning home after cease-fire deal
After more than two weeks of airstrikes, thousands of displaced Syrians from the southern province of Daraa returned to their homes Saturday following a cease-fire between the rebels and President Bashar Assad’s regime.
Survey: Theology Plays Central Role in Decision to Leave a Church
Many churches spend a large amount of time and energy on making their services appealing to their congregations and potential churchgoers. According to a new study, however, a perfectly in tune praise band or a preacher who uses engaging sermon illustrations are not the primary things that keep people coming back.
America First, Helsinki, And Trump’s Existential Threat To The Empire
“… the Russian ogre is the health of the military/industrial/intelligence/think tank complex. So even a rapprochement – to say nothing of peace – with Russia is an existential threat to the Deep State; it would necessarily pull the fiscal pins right out from under the hideous $800 billion per year defense, intelligence and foreign aid apparatus.”
Nunes calls for House probe of 42 Obama-era anti-Trump activists
Rep. Devin Nunes is referring 42 Obama administration officials, FBI agents and outside political activists to a House task force for as investigation into how the Obama Justice Department targeted the Donald Trump campaign.
Is Hillary Clinton secretly planning to run in 2020?
The messages convey a sense of urgency, and are coming with increasing frequency. They are short, focused reactions to the latest “outrage” committed by President Trump.
Celebs risk backlash with vulgar anti-Trump rhetoric…
Hollywood celebrities have been raising the heat in their rhetoric against President Trump, but critics say the often-profane criticism could actually inflame a pro-Trump backlash ahead of November’s midterm elections.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

July 7, 2018

More than 60 large fires menace the U.S. West right now. See what’s happened so far.
More than 60 large blazes burn across the United States, mostly in the West, where whipping winds and increasing heat have made it easy for flames to spread. Smoke from the fire temporarily halted flights into the resort town of Aspen, Colo. A tornado was reported Thursday south of Fairplay, a central Colorado town about 10,000 feet (3,000 meters) above sea level. Tornadoes are rare at that elevation and are seldom seen at any wildfire.
At religious summit, pope decries ‘murderous indifference’ in Mideast 
Pope Francis led a summit of religious leaders demanding peace in the Middle East on Saturday, condemning a “murderous indifference” he said is fanning violence and sparking a an exodus of Christians. Francis convened the summit in the southern Italian city of Bari that for centuries has been a gateway to the Middle East and home to the relics of St. Nicholas, a figure venerated in both the Western and Eastern branches of Christianity.
South Syrian rebels agree on surrender deal, Assad takes crossing 
South Syrian rebels agreed to give up arms in a Russian-brokered ceasefire deal on Friday, rebel sources said, surrendering Deraa province to the government in another major victory for President Bashar al-Assad and his Russian allies. However, a state television correspondent said the surrender talks in Deraa were continuing, and no final deal had been reached because of differences between the rebel groups.
HIV vaccine shows promise in human trial
An HIV vaccine that has the potential to protect people around the world from the virus has shown promising results. The treatment, which aims to provide immunity against various strains of the virus, produced an anti-HIV immune system response in tests on 393 people, a study in the Lancet found. It also protected some monkeys from a virus that is similar to HIV.
Anyone Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ Will Be Shot, Venice Mayor Claims
Anyone who shouts “Allahu Akbar” in Venice will be shot by snipers, the city’s mayor has threatened. The right-wing mayor of the Italian city, Luigi Brugnaro, reportedly made the threat at a conference in Rimini, who week after the Barcelona terror attack and claimed: “Anyone who shouts Allahu Akbar in St Mark’s Square can expect to be gunned down by snipers within four paces.”
Ashdod residents against Pride Parade: ‘Sodom and Gommorah’
“There is a dark minority group that wants to bring us back to the pre-Middle Ages of Sodom and Gomorrah with their ‘Pride Parades.’ We’ve made progress and we are starting a family. There is no pride in the destruction of the family,” the organization stressed.
Puerto Rico braces for heavy wind, rain as Hurricane Beryl approaches
Puerto Rico could be hit with winds of up to 40 mph and heavy flooding as Hurricane Beryl approaches a region still trying to recover from last year’s storms, forecasters said Friday.
Maria explodes into super typhoon in the western Pacific and may hit China next week
On Thursday night, about 300 miles to the northwest of Guam in the western Pacific Ocean, a monster was born. Super Typhoon Maria underwent rapid intensification over the past 24 hours, developing into the equivalent of a strong Category 4 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 155 mph. The powerhouse storm may threaten China’s east coast early next week.
PREPARING FOR WAR: A double layer of Israeli and US warplanes is cruising 24/7 over the Syrian battlefields ready to go into action if shared red lines are crossed
A double layer of US and Israeli warplanes is cruising 24/7 over the southwestern Syrian battlefields ready to go into action if shared red lines are crossed. DEBKAfile’s military sources report that US F/A-18E and F/A-18F Super Hornets are monitoring the fighting around Daraa and the Jordanian and Israeli Golan border regions. They have flown in to support Israel’s overflights from the USS Harry Truman, which is deployed in the eastern Mediterranean.
DNA tests are in the works for separated migrant children and parents
Whether this practice is beneficial or unethical depends on who you ask. DNA tests are being performed on children and parents in an attempt to reunite migrant families separated at the US border, said a federal official with knowledge of the reunifications.
Tropical Storm Beryl could strengthen into hurricane by Saturday: NHC
Tropical Storm Beryl is strengthening over the tropical Atlantic and could become a hurricane by Friday or Saturday, the U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC) said on Thursday.
Hundreds of thousands evacuated in Japan as ‘historic’ rain falls; four dead
Hundreds of thousands of people across a wide swathe of western and central Japan were evacuated from their homes on Friday as torrential rain flooded rivers and set off landslides, killing at least four people.
Record-Smashing Heat Wave Kills 33 in Quebec
Thirty-three people have died in Quebec from one of the worst heat waves to hit eastern and central Canada in decades, the authorities said on Thursday, underscoring the vulnerability of elderly, ill and poor people during the hot summer months.
Blood coloured rain in Arctic? A biblical plague? The apocalypse? What’s going on?
The scene appeared shocking around the Nadezhdinsky nickel and copper processing plant. After rainfall, cars and the ground all turned red.
Calif. Bill Would Limit What Pastors Can Say about Homosexuality
A California bill that that targets so-called “conversation therapy” for gays could have major consequences for religious liberty and even impact what pastors can say at conferences and in certain sermons, legal experts are warning.
Priest performs mass exorcism on hundreds of people
A mass exorcism ritual involving hundreds of Ethiopian Christians, who paid up to a month’s wages to be punched by a priest and doused in ‘holy water’, has been captured in a fascinating photo series.
Massachusetts Begins Confiscating Citizens’ Guns, Repealing Second Amendment
The Second Amendment has been repealed in Massachusetts as police officers begin confiscating guns and weapons from law-abiding American citizens.This week, Governor Charlie Baker signed a bill giving police new powers allowing them to confiscate guns “at their own discretion,” without the need for due process.
‘Pray for 45’ counters Dems anti-Trump mantra
…now there’s a T-shirt referencing President Trump, the 45th president of the United States, in a different way. Its message is “Pray for 45,” and it’s available at the website for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.
China, U.S. in ‘biggest trade war in economic history’
China declared Friday the “biggest trade war in economic history” is now under way after Beijing implemented retaliatory tariffs on some imports in response to U.S. duties taking effect.
Civil War and Genocide Threatens the US and South Africa
When Agenda 21 comes to town, civil rights disappear, national boundaries are erased, cultural genocide occurs, women are raped, children are stolen from their parents, people are murdered and the groundwork for politically and racially motivated genocide is laid. In short, the minions of Satan are roaming the halls of the United Nations and spreading their New World Order philosophy around the planet.
Paris is a mess: Up to 400,000 illegal immigrants live in just one suburb
A new parliamentary report shows that the number of migrants living in a Paris suburb may be nearing 400,000, according to Paris Vox.
US And UK Authorities Now DNA-Testing Migrant Children
Both the UK and US are now using DNA testing on migrant children who have entered the country illegally, according to CNN and the Independent.
Highest-Ranking Catholic Church Official Sentenced for Pedophile Ring Cover-Up
One of the Vatican’s top Archbishops has just been jailed on child sex abuse charges making him the highest-ranking Catholic Church official to ever be convicted and sentenced for pedophilia.
UK: City with large Muslim population passes resolution to boycott Jewish businesses, Court of Appeals upholds ban, throws Jewish council appeal out
Leicester is 18.6% Muslim, and they do this. Imagine what they will do when they have a Muslim majority. Islamic Jew-hatred is in the Quran. Jews are already leaving France and other countries in Europe in large numbers because of the increasingly menacing presence of Islamic antisemitism all around them. Britain is no different. British authorities are busy, as in this case, pandering to their increasingly aggressive Muslim populations, but it won’t help: total submission will still be required.
Mother Teresa’s Charity Busted For Child Trafficking
A woman working at Mother Teresa’s famous Missionaries of Charity in Jharkhand, India, has been arrested for selling a 14-day old baby according to reports.

Friday, July 6, 2018

July 6, 2018

Netanyahu to Meet Putin Again
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is due to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin next week. It comes amid both escalating Russian and Syrian military activity against rebel-held strongholds in Syria – the cause of nearly 300,000 internally displaced refugees now amassing close to the Israel-Syrian border -and tensions with Iran.(video)
Dangerous heat wave to hit Southern California this weekend
A dangerous heat wave is expected to hit Southern California this weekend, with the warmest temperatures forecast for Friday and Saturday, the National Weather Service said. Temperatures in the valleys, the lower mountains and desert locations are expected to range between 102 and 112 degrees. Parts of the coast could reach around 100 degrees.
We love Donald Trump: U.S. president’s UK fans look forward to visit, denounce protests
“I’m looking forward to the protest quite frankly, who isn’t? It’s going to be really fun seeing all of these liberals whose world view was shattered back when he was elected in November 2016.”
IDF attacks military post in Syria after errant mortar fired toward Israel
The IDF struck a Syrian military outpost on Friday afternoon from where a mortar shell was fired at Israel and landed in the buffer zone east of the border fence between the two countries.
Tropical Storm Beryl strengthens east of Lesser Antilles
Tropical Storm Beryl, the second named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season, strengthened Thursday night, the National Hurricane Center said, though it’s not expected to be a serious threat.
Typhoon Maria to threaten Japan, China next week
Japanese meteorologists expect the rapidly intensifying Typhoon Maria to threaten Japan and China next week after passing near Guam on Thursday. The storm was located 184 miles northwest of Guam. Wind speeds doubled in intensity to 126 mph over the past 24 hours, the U.S. Joint Typhoon Warning Center said.
Trump Offers Elizabeth Warren $1 Million To Prove Native-American Heritage
Reverting to his campaigning days, President Trump offered some red meat to his base during an appearance at a campaign rally in Montana on Thursday when he joked about offering Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren $1 million to take a genetics test that would prove (or disprove) her native American heritage. Trump lobbed insults at “Pocahontas”, adding that he wouldn’t apologize for using what some believe to be a racially charged nickname.
Syrian forces reportedly close to seizing Jordan border crossing 
Government forces in south Syria are advancing along the frontier with Jordan and will soon reach a border crossing in rebel hands, a pro-Damascus commander said on Friday. Several witnesses along the Jordan border fence with Syria said they spotted armored vehicles and a tank with a Russian flag heading towards the Nasib crossing.
Report: Russian airstrikes creep toward Golan, rebels reject surrender
Residents in southern Syria reported an increasing crescendo of air strikes they alleged were by Russian aircraft on Thursday, a day after the Syrian rebels in the south walked away from surrender negotiations. Since mid-June, the Syrian regime and its Russian ally have swept the rebels from a swath of territory, pushing them towards the Jordanian border and Israel’s Golan Heights.
Trump launches the opening salvo in US trade war with China as tariffs take effect
The U.S. tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese goods kicked in on Friday, taking the war of words between the nations into the real economic realm. In response, China implemented retaliatory tariffs on some imports from the U.S., said its foreign ministry, according to a Reuters report. It’s unlikely to stop there, according to experts. In fact, there will be probably be “escalation upon escalation,” warned Geoff Raby, Australia’s former ambassador to China.
IDF deploys Iron Dome batteries in the south 
The IDF deployed several Iron Dome batteries in southern Israel Thursday following a situational assessment… “The IDF is prepared for several scenarios and ready to defend the citizens of the State of Israel and its sovereignty,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said. On Thursday, an IDF drone fired “a missile at a motorcycle” east of Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip…while there were no injuries the motorcycle was destroyed.
Only two thirds of Generation Z identify as ‘exclusively heterosexual’ 
Homosexuality is no longer the taboo it once was. But figures suggest that young people are even more open to experimentation than previously thought. Only two thirds of Generation Z identify as solely heterosexual, in stark contrast to previous generations, a study has found. Research by Ipsos Mori found that 66 per cent of young people, aged between 16 and 22, are “exclusively heterosexual” – the lowest figure of any generation.
NEW ALLIES: Right-wing Hungary continues to court Israel and the Jews by condemning the rampant anti-semitism at the United Nations
Hungary condemned the growing threat of anti-Semitism during the U.N. Human Rights Council’s 38th session in Geneva on Monday.
2 earthquakes ROCK Israel, leaving citizens wondering if the BIG ONE is on the way
A second earthquake was felt by residents of the Haifa and Western Galilee region at around 10:45 p.m. on Wednesday night.
Israeli Technology was the Key Factor in Rescue of Thai Kids
As the world has watched the drama in Thailand surrounding a group of children marooned in a flooded cave, it has emerged that an Israeli communications firm has been a key factor of the rescue effort.
Amazon reinstates Christian top-500 reviewer’s ‘biased’ posts
After WND’s story Thursday exposing’s banning of one of its top 500 reviewers for “bias” for a post recommending a new Bible book, the mega-retailer quickly reversed its decision, reinstating hundreds of the Christian reviewer’s previous posts.
Stunning!… Watch Democrats Protest ICE Officials As They Bust A Child Sex Trafficking Ring!
THIS IS TODAY’S DEMOCRAT PARTY — White liberal protesters gathered in Oakland this week to protest ICE officials during a bust. ICE was breaking up a CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING RING at the time.
Israel Lays Down Red Lines for Postwar Relations with Syria
As Syrian government forces press on with a furious offensive against rebel-held areas in the country’s south, Israel is quietly acknowledging that President Bashar Assad’s forces will soon be on its doorstep, laying down red lines for postwar relations with the Syrian leader.
‘Blood’ Rain in Russia Sparks Talk of Apocalypse, Plague
Blood-red rain in Russia’s Norilsk in Siberia led some to fear a biblical plague or the apocalypse because of the strange phenomenon, but a local business owner has a more logical explanation.
Guatemala raises number of missing to 332 in deadly volcano eruption
Authorities in Guatemala have raised by more than 130 the number of people officially missing from last month’s deadly eruption of the Volcano of Fire. The country’s disaster agency says in a statement that the new figure is 332, up from 197 previously.
Red-hot planet: All-time heat records have been set all over the world during the past week
From the normally mild summer climes of Ireland, Scotland and Canada to the scorching Middle East, numerous locations in the Northern Hemisphere have witnessed their hottest weather ever recorded over the past week.
First test tube rhino embryos could bring extinct species back from dead
The first rhino embryos have been created in a test tube and could help save the northern white rhino, which is essentially extinct.
“20lbs Of Human Waste” – Major Medical Convention Abandons San Francisco Citing Street Safety
A foul odor permeated from a massive bag of human excrement sludge left on a street corner in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district Saturday. As SFGate reports, the horrendous smell and sight quickly gained notoriety when a Reddit user posted a screen shot of a report made to San Francisco’s Citizen app for identifying crimes.
Illegal Immigrants, Palestinian Refugees, and Their Liberal Cheerleaders: The Startling Similarities
The Democrat, left-wing media, and progressive activists’ current freak-out over what is at least a decade-long crisis on our southern border is not just hypocritical.  Yes, these same individuals taking to the streets in ugly mobs and threatening Trump administration officials and their families were silent when children entering the country illegally were detained under Obama.  In fact, in 2014, after visiting a detention center housing migrant children, Nancy Pelosi asserted that the issue should not be politicized, clearly fearing the poor optics.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

July 5, 2018

Meet Spain’s First Transgender Woman Competing In The Miss Universe Pageant
Angela Ponce, who was born a biological male, stands at 5’9″ and claims to have started identifying as a woman at age three. She won this year’s Miss Universe Spain and will now compete against all the participating women — who were born female — later this year in Miss Universe.
Westminster Abbey urged by African ambassador to hand over looted relic
Ethiopia’s ambassador to the UK said the tabot – a tablet representing the Ark of the Covenant and the Ten Commandments – belonged in an Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Hailemichael Aberra Afework told The Art Newspaper: “We are urging all those who hold items looted from Ethiopia to return them. “This includes the tabot held at Westminster Abbey.
The Left Celebrates July 4 By Denouncing The First Amendment
If you’re on the Right, it is not news that the Left wants to shut us up. The only change is that this goal is being announced openly in the leading publications of the mainstream Left, specifically in a long article in The New York Times warning about “How Conservatives Weaponized the First Amendment.” Weaponized. That’s right, they’re giving the First Amendment the same treatment they gave the Second. Does free speech seem as scary and dangerous as an AR-15 yet? So what’s wrong with the First Amendment? It protects people the Left doesn’t like. No, really, that’s the argument.
“20lbs Of Human Waste” – Major Medical Convention Abandons San Francisco Citing Street Safety
Tourism is big business in San Francisco, bringing in $9 billion dollars a year to the city’s businesses. Now, a major medical convention expected to bring in 15,000 visitors and drop $40 million in less than a week has decided it will stop bringing its members to the City by the Bay because they don’t feel safe walking the streets. “I come from a third world county and it is not as bad as this,”
The New Oil Cartel Threatening OPEC
When reports emerged that India and China are in talks about forming an oil buyers’ club, OPEC was probably too busy with its upcoming June 22 meeting to concern itself with that dangerous alliance. Now, it may be time for it to start worrying.
Third earthquake reported in Israel’s north
An earthquake measuring 3.2 on the Richter scale was reported in the cities of Tiberius and Safed in the north of Israel Thursday morning.
Deal with Hamas on the way?
Hamas-affiliated journalist claims process underway for deal in which bodies of soldiers and civilians held by Hamas will be returned.
Palestinians: Mahmoud Abbas hospitalized for second time in two months
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has been hospitalized for the second time in two months, a senior Palestinian official told The Jerusalem Post’s sister publication Maariv.
Netanyahu Lifts MK Ban on Temple Mount Visits
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accepted a request by MK Yehuda Glick (Likud) and rescinded his executive order banning sitting MK’s from visiting the Temple Mount.
Defense Ministry carries out missile test from central Israel airbase 
Israel’s Defense Ministry conducted a missile test from the Palmachim air base early Thursday morning. “In the framework of the Homa [missile defense] directorate, a planned test launch was conducted this morning,” the Defense Ministry said in a statement, without elaborating on what type of missile was launched. The Defense Ministry conducts regular missile tests from the Palmachim air base near the city of Rishon Letzion south of Tel Aviv.
Earthquake hits Israel’s north, for the third time in a week 
An earthquake measuring 3.2 on the Richter scale was reported in the cities of Tiberius and Safed in the north of Israel Thursday morning.This is the third earthquake in the region this week. An earlier earthquake was felt by residents of the Haifa and Western Galilee region at around 10:45 p.m. on Wednesday night.
Downing Street sets out some details of new Brexit customs plan
Downing Street has set out some of the detail of how customs could be handled after Brexit. No 10 says its new plan – dubbed the “facilitated customs arrangement” – offers “the best of both worlds”. The details come as Theresa May and Angela Merkel prepare to discuss the progress of Brexit negotiations when they hold talks in Berlin later.
Syria war: Warplanes pound south-west after truce talks fail
Syrian government and Russian warplanes are reportedly pounding rebel-held areas of south-west Syria, after rebels said talks to reach a truce had failed. A monitoring group said there had been more than 600 air strikes and barrel bombings in Deraa province overnight. The attacks intensified after rebels rejected the terms of a ceasefire proposed by the Russian military.
New York City to Roll Out Buses of Peacekeepers After Violence in Communities 
New York City will spend $1.8 million this year to roll out “mobile trauma units,” or buses filled with counselors and peacekeepers, to crime scenes throughout the city in an effort to ease tensions in communities after acts of gun violence. The buses will be deployed in January 2019 to each borough to provide trauma relief, as well as job and educational opportunities. Some team members have prior criminal records and former gang affiliations.
Iran’s Guards threatens to block oil shipments in Gulf
An Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander said on Wednesday that Tehran will block oil shipments through the Strait of Hormuz in the Gulf if the United States bans Iranian oil sales. “If they want to stop Iranian oil exports, we will not allow any oil shipment to pass through the Strait of Hormuz,” Ismail Kowsari was quoted as saying by the Young Journalists Club (YJC) website.
How Smart TVs in Millions of U.S. Homes Track More Than What’s on Tonight
The growing concern over online data and user privacy has been focused on tech giants like Facebook and…smartphones. But people’s data is also increasingly being vacuumed right out of their living rooms via their televisions, sometimes without their knowledge. In recent years, data companies have harnessed new technology to immediately identify what people are watching…then using that information to send targeted advertisements to other devices in their homes.
Israel-Syria border agreement in danger of collapsing
The 1974 Separation of Forces Agreement between Israel and Syria may be in danger of collapsing, with Syria’s announced intention to return military forces to the town of Quneitra, located three kilometers from the Israeli border. The city is located in the buffer zone between Israel and Syria, that according to the Separation Agreement is supposed to remain demilitarized.
Australia Passes Law To Fine Parents Who Don’t Vaccinate Their Children
Australia has passed a controversial new law that has reinforced it’s “no jab, no pay” policy by fining parents who refuse to vaccinate their children.
More Doctors Admit to Diagnosing Healthy Patients with Cancer to Boost Profits
A growing number of doctors are now going on the record to admit they have been intentionally diagnosing healthy patients with cancer as it’s more profitable to treat them for the life-threatening illness.
California Governor Jerry Brown Releases 10,000 Pedophiles, Rapists From Prison
Over 10,000 sex offenders including convicted pedophiles and rapists have been released onto the streets thanks to Governor Jerry Brown and the ruling of a Superior Court Judge in Sacramento who say crimes such as “raping a drugged or unconscious victim” or “intimately touching an unlawfully restrained person” are not violent crimes.
BREAKING! Soros Caught Hiring Crisis Actors To Stage ANTIFA Attacks
Alex Jones breaks down how Hollywood is hyping up domestic terror to create friction between Americans as George Soros hires actors to participate in ANTIFA attacks.
Facebook deletes Declaration of Independence text as ‘hate’
Algorithm can’t tell difference between white nationalists, Jefferson
Home Office Told to Keep Importing Refugees to Every UK Town
George Soros-funded NGO Citizens UK has launched a campaign demanding the Home Office extend the refugee resettlement scheme to every corner of Britain.
Ten Year Old Drag Queen Celebrated By The Left
In case you were wondering what the depths of depravity looks like, we have it on video.
UK Court Upholds Ban on Praying Outside Abortion Clinic
The High Court of England and Wales ruled Monday that a “no-prayer zone” around a London abortion clinic is legal, in a move expected to encourage the establishment of similar buffer zones in the United Kingdom.
Mexico Reduces Legal Age Of Sexual Consent To 12
Mexico has lowered the legal age of sexual consent to just 12-years-old, becoming the latest nation to give in to pressure from an international liberal network of activists determined to normalize pedophilia and legalize sex with children across the world.
Blood Moon: Eclipse over Jerusalem Signals ‘End Times’}
The Blood Moon’s coming appearance over Jerusalem this month is claimed to be hugely significant as many esoteric and astrology communities claim is the sign of ‘end times.’
Scientist Behind Global Warming Theory Admits Data is False
The scientist who is widely regarded as the “Father of Global Warming” has admitted that the data used to promote his theory was false and manipulated to fit an agenda.
Transgender Model to Compete in 2018 Miss Universe Beauty Pageant
For the first time in the international beauty pageant’s 66 year history, a transgender female has been approved to compete in Miss Universe.